Learning Objectives

  • Identify and explain the content of the five ICMPv6 messages used by NDP

  • Outline and explain NDP operations for IPv6

  • Examine and deconstruct NDP packet captures

  • Configure, verify and debug SLAAC as a provisioning mechanism for an IPv6 network

  • List potential NDP security threats and available counter measures

  • Deploy Secure NDP(SeNDP) and RA-Guard to protect NDP against malicious attacks

Course curriculum

    1. Setting the context

    2. Course Startup Poll

    3. Pre-requisite knowledge CHECK

    1. Overview of NDP

    2. NDP messages

    1. Main NDP Functions

    2. Mid-course Poll

    3. Understanding and configuring SLAAC

    1. NDP Security Considerations Part One

    2. NDP Security Considerations Part Two

    3. Implementing Secure NDP

    4. Implementing Router Advertisement

    1. Final Exam

    2. End of Course Poll

About this course

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  • 14 lessons

Course Lead

Musa Stephen HONLUE has trained more than 1000 network engineers across AFRICA, both remotely and in face to face settings. He has developed and delivered training in diverse areas of IP technologies including: - IPv6 routing. - NDP. - IPv6 security. - Understanding and using RPKI and IRR to secure the Internet routing table. - Introduction to network operations in UNIX/Linux environment. - MANRS. - Building scalable Internet Infrastructure. - Understanding and configuring DNSSEC. He has majorly contributed in setting up and running the AFRINIC certification program.

Musa Stephen HONLUE

Trainer and AFRINIC Certification Program Manager