Learning Objectives

  • Determine the precise amount of IPv6 space for any network

  • Obtain the required IPv6 prefix from AFRINIC (the RIR)

  • Implement a detailed IPv6 address plan in an IP Address Management System (IPAMS)

  • Subnet an IPv6 prefix and other subnet maths

Course Curriculum

    1. Setting the Context

    2. Course Startup Poll

    3. Prerequisite Check

    4. What Is An Address Plan?

    5. IPv6 Address Plan Best Practices

    1. How Much Space Do I Need as an ISP?

    2. How Much Space Do I Need as an Enterprise Network?

    3. Using AFRINIC's IPv6 Prefix Estimator Tool

    4. IPv6 Subnetting

    1. Mid-Course Poll

    2. Getting IPv6 Space from AFRINIC

    3. Choosing Between PA vs PI Space

    1. Best Practices for Subnet Allocation

    2. Worked Example - ISP Address Plan in an IPAMs

    1. Final Exam

    2. End of Course Poll

    3. What Next?

About this course

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Course Lead

Mukom has taught more than 4000 professionals from over 50 countries. An operational excellence (Lean Six Sigma, OKRs & 4DX) geek, his first love has always helping people unleash the potential of technology. Mukom is the creator of the IPv6 Forum's Certified Systems Engineer certification and the architect of cert6.io. - the world's only French language IPv6-certification platform. He tweets at @perfexcellent and occasionally blogs at www.perfexcellence.com

Mukom Tamon

Mallam Mukom